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We believe that a home needs to be carved keeping in mind even the smallest detail regarding comfort, safety and luxury, adhering to our motto ‘More to life’. We add those aspects of life in our making, which has been looked at but never given much attention to. They form the basis for us to stand out among our peers. They also at the same time help us to touch lives on a grander scale. Hence, we stand with a formidable stance as the new face of exclusiveness, forging ahead with an unrelenting zeal to build unparalleled landmarks.


The company is led by Mr. Bhavik Thakker, who holds a Masters Degree in Construction Project Management from London and a degree in Civil Engineering as well. His technical knowledge and management skills, understanding of the market and an approach to promote team work will result in a qualitatively superior and timely execution of the project. Mr. Jayesh Thakker, will be supporting the company, with his extensive experience and a reputation, he has earned through dedicated, transparent and committed service to his clients over the years.


Our present short-range plan extends to construction and sales of residential, commercial and second home projects in and around Nashik. We are currently working on two projects, a residential and commercial. Over the next few months, we plan to venture into affordable housing by initiating nearly 400 apartments in two of the prominent locations in the city. By next year, the plan extends to premium second home projects at Igatpuri, an upcoming weekend destination in the Mumbai-Pune-Nashik triangle. Our vision extends with a broader perspective, to all sectors of construction.

Our Logo


Value The Three Instances Of Time
Build Energy Centres
Focus On The Present And Deliver
The Symbol Of Excellence
Value The Three Instances Of Time
Build Energy Centres
Focus On The Present And Deliver
The Symbol Of Excellence

Our Philosophy...


We believe in blending practicality in construction with the desires of every patron, formulating a pattern in quality. Our motto ‘more to life’ speaks for itself. We look into the nitty-gritty of a home substituting the need for just a shelter with the joy and comfort of owning a space that boasts of being exclusively made for the respective patrons. In the bargain of owing a space, our outlook is very simple. Along with our fondness for the home, the homes should also share the same spirit. And this is what is very well reflected in our philosophy.

Vision: To evolve as a leading real estate company with a strong and impressive presence on the national map along with constructions that only speak of quality.


Mission: To build structures that fill the lives of all our consumers with joy, comfort and practical benefits, along with an enriching experience.

Best Practices


Quality policy: Our policy states that all activities need to be carried out in accordance with our business management system in the lines of ISO 9001. Our quality management systems ensure that we deliver quality constructions along with the work being carried out consistently in a defined standard. We train our staffs fervently in order to improve the quality of our offerings along with our onsite systems, procedures and quality. We adhere to a strict quality standard, as we understand the importance of quality to the future of our business.


Safety policy: Our safety policy involves providing a safe working environment to all employees and sub-contractors. All precautions regarding their health and safety are taken into consideration. Our interests extend not only to the employees but also to the general public. We are committed to identifying, assessing and controlling risks arising from our activities as well as the continual improvement of our health and safety performance and compliance with OHSAS 18001:2007 Safety Standards.

Transparency & Commitment: In order to have a proper satisfied dealing with the consumers, we ensure at every step of the transaction that all details of the property, its title, its history and all approvals are available to them. Transparency of transactions is an integral part of real estate deals and we make sure to follow it. We agree to fulfil all the commitments to our consumers with respect to delivery of the property & the quality as promised. Our team is willing to help the consumers with loan approvals & legal documentations, along with giving them an enriching experience of property buying.


CREDAI: The Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India (CREDAI) is the apex body for private real estate developers in India. It represents over 5,000 developers through 20 member associations across the country. As a dedicated member of CREDAI, we follow quality standards of CREDAI, helping us in improving the processes and systems on a continuous basis.

Our Corporate Values


EXCELLENCE: Our processes and practices have been laid on efficient platforms for all our management systems, HR structure and financial systems. Our offerings are the best, be it in architecture, design, construction quality and the value added amenities. We have built ourselves on the values of prioritizing our customer’s need before ours. And this is very well reflected in all endeavors. We are constantly striving to take ourselves a notch up in all our processes along with finding new and more efficient ways to do things better.


ETHICAL: Clear ethical values rule our way of working. We believe in being honest and transparent about our dealings with our partners, associates and customers.

We follow fair employment practices along with delivering our promises and offerings on time. Along with being pro-efficient in construction, we also believe in giving back to the society and the environment.


EMPOWER: We empower our employees to make the right decisions, which in turn enable to speed up the organizational growth. Delegation of responsibilities is properly conducted, reducing the risk involved in a business. Our employees will get enough exposure and training, in order for them to be equipped with information as well as adopt new processes.

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